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License Collabrio Groupware

Licensing Collabrio Groupware as the basis for your Internet or Intranet application can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs, reduce your implementation time, give you peace-of-mind that you're not reinventing the wheel (you've got groupware that works), and provide you with the same functionality that the award-winning web site offers. We offer two products, our object code, which enables limited customization, for $5,000, or our Not-For-Resale Source Code License, for $10,000, which allows you to fully integrate, customize, enhance, and maintain the system. There are no hidden per-seat, per-user or per-server charges. For either option, you will need either Windows NT or 2000 Server (2000 is preferred), a Microsoft SQL Server, a mail server and optional chat server (we use IPSwitch iMail and are an authorized reseller of IPSwitch products). Evaluate it for yourself right now. Creating an account above will show you exactly what you'll be licensing.
Collabrio Groupware includes:
  • Perfected group implementation with group tool level security - easily enhanced to meet your projects' requirements.
  • Application Service Provider ready, with the ability to have multiple "skins" or presentation layers using the same groupware engine. Indeed the Community Server (cartoon look) and the Intranet Server (business look) use the same underlying engine.
  • A state of the art calendar system with Day, Week, Month and Year views, sophisticated recurring events engine, reminders, and publish/subscribing between groups.
  • Synchronization to major PDA available with a separate license of our CompanionLink synchronization tool.
  • An event planner that can be used for invites (allowing non-members to respond to invitations).
  • Robust Contact Management with publish/subscribe.
  • File storage and sharing.
  • Task Management with task assignment capabilities.
  • Photo Album.
  • Discussion/Bulletin boards.
  • Personal Homepages.
  • Notepad and Messaging functionality.
  • Pop3 Email Reader/SMTP Email Sender.
  • A license to use all the graphics you see on the site except trademarked logos (a value alone of almost $100,000).
The solution is built adhering to an object oriented, three tier architecture, with data layer, business logic layer, and presentation layer. The system is based upon Microsoft's Active Server Pages, Visual Basic COM+, and SQL Server. The product can run on a single machine and scale up from there. At MyEvents' peak, our collocation facility consisted of 20 web servers, fiber-connected dual 8-processor SQL Servers (hot standby), and a Network Appliance F760 500GB File Storage system. We hosted the community and calendaring solution for companies like, RoadRunner, and the RightStart, and many other high-traffic web sites. While the solution can run on a single machine, the recommended architecture includes an SQL Server, Windows 2000 Web Servers, a File Server, and a Job Server. Additional machines can be added to improve scalability.
For more information, please email, or contact us at (415) 601-9669. For customers seriously interested in our source code option, we offer the ability to review the code with our engineers at our headquarters in San Francisco before your purchase to provide you with a comfort level that the code is maintainable, readable, and of a quality level that you require. Our requirement for a sale is that you have competent Visual Basic programmers on staff.
Functionality Overview:
Central View for Groups and Individuals
Every user has a main control page which flags new information (current day's schedule, meeting requests, new files, discussion activity, etc.). This page provides users a central console for viewing and managing all shared and individual information.
Features include the ability to:

Manage your day at a glance
Access all tools
View a snapshot of group activity
Easily navigate between groups (i.e. teams, task forces, committees) and between shared tools


Individual and Group Calendar/Scheduling
The calendaring functionality incorporates sophisticated, permission-based group scheduling and meeting management features. Any user may have multiple group calendars with advanced integration capabilities.

Features include the ability to:

Create detailed event entries (single or recurring)
Check any group member schedule/availability
Issue meeting requests
Respond to meeting requests
Monitor attendee responses
Receive reminders/notifications
Access calendar via WAP and perform 3-way synchronization with software and handheld devices
Schedule sophisticated recurring event engine
Copy events from one calendar to another and update the record globally


Individual and Group File Sharing/Storage
File storage capabilities allow users to share files with their group members, publish those files to other groups and store personal files. Files are categorized and searchable for easy retrieval.

Features include the ability to:

Create multiple folders within group and personal areas
Share/store any type of file within a group
Perform quick search and replace
Provide file descriptions and types


Individual and Group Contact Management
The contact management system stores detailed contact information for groups and individuals.

Features include the ability to:

Create individual or shared contact lists
Copy contacts to other group or to the personal organizer and to globally update these records
Sort/view/search in multiple ways
Access contacts via WAP and perform 3-way synchronization with software and handheld devices


Task Assignment/Project Management
Task management and workflow features allow user to assign and manage personal and group tasks. Tasks can be prioritized and organized to users preferences.

Features include the ability to:

Create and assign tasks to multiple group members
Monitor individual and group progress
Copy/share tasks between groups and individuals
Sort/view in multiple ways
Access contacts via WAP and to perform 3-way synchronization with software and handheld devices