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Creating a collaborative platform across departmental and geographic boundaries

Today's workplace is marked by islands of information and teams. Functional departments. Global offices. Project Teams. Traveling employees. Multiple vendors. As a result, scheduling meetings, keeping track of and sharing relative information in an efficient, timely manner and truly benefiting from shared knowledge is a challenge. Collabrio helps companies overcome the challenge by providing them with an easy-to-use, intuitive collaborative solution for creating a connected workplace - for intranet or extranet use.

Corporate Solution Benefits

Extend the enterprise
Provide employees with the freedom to communicate, collaborate and work more efficiently by giving them access to the Collabrio Intranet Server. In today's business environment, it is essential to have universal access to information, regardless of location, time or device. The Collabrio Intranet Server gives access to mission-critical data from any web browser, any WAP or HDML enabled device, Palm OS™ (includes PalmIII, V, VII, series and Handspring® Visor™), popular software programs like Microsoft® Outlook™ and Lotus® Organizer™. This powerful synchronization technology and accessibility of data are the drivers of todays fast-pased business environment. Truly extend your enterprise by licensing the Collabrio Intranet Server for your employees.

Increase productivity and collaboration between employees, vendors and customers
A central, collaborative platform helps eliminate e-mail chains, voicemail tag, and costly mistakes by providing a central repository and archive for information.

Keep Employees informed. Decrease administrative costs.
Users have the power to access team member schedules, distribute relevant company information without cost or assistance, and create virtual project groups instantly without administrative or IT support.

Lower demands on IT staff
The Collabrio Intranet Server is a highly-scaleable application that requires minimal support. It is based on industry standard architecture and includes rich API functionality, guaranteeing seamless integration to any networked environment.

Functionality and Customization
The corporate solution includes: individual and group calendaring, reminders and notification, individual and shared contact management, file sharing and storage, threaded discussion boards, team/group e-mail, and workflow management tools. The application comes complete with API's for universal login, masked url, integrated email reading, and specialized content feeds.