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Community Server or Intranet Groupware, you decide...

Both the MyEvents Community Server and The Collabrio Intranet Server provides a complete suite of organizational and group communication tools that seamlessly integrate into any corporate intranet or extranet site, destination site (including ISPs, portals, and B2B sites) or small/medium sized business offerings.

The MyEvents Community Server provides award-winning community building functionality to any company wishing to offer robust online communities. The MyEvents Community Server comes complete with group calendars, contact managers, file storage, bulletin boards, chat, homepages and more. Customizeable API's are also included to enable development of external content feeds, synchronization with external databases or universal registration.

The Collabrio Intranet Server product offering gives a company's employees, customers or web site visitors the power to create virtual workspaces. Users may instantly create private, interactive Internet groups and communities - departmental groups, task forces, customer support, project teams, etc - These groups share a set of powerful tools for managing shared information and increasing collaboration.

Collabrio provides progressive communication solutions allowing for universal access to information through wireless and synchronization technologies. All product offerings are reliable and scaleable, differing only in level of customization, tools offered, and brand integration.