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Giving Your Customers a Connected Workplace

In today's competitive environment, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) must embrace new technologies and create a connected workplace in order to thrive. The Collabrio Aggregator Solution is designed for any technology provider targeting SMEs with products like web hosting, internet access and email. Additionally, it is ideal for companies targeting the SME market with products like financial services that need to differentiate their services, drive traffic to their corporate web site and remain top of mind with their customers.

Due to the unique template format of the Aggregator product, companies are able to offer their customers (SMEs) self-service, private labeled collaborative functionality. The Aggregator has complete control over the degree of branding (complete or none) they wish to offer the SME. Due to the parent-child nature of the application, the Aggregator controls navigation as well as the option to charge SMEs for the service or to bundle it into other offerings.

Enhance product/service offering
Complement your current offering with best of breed groupware and intranet/extranet functionality. You'll provide your SME customers a valuable service which they can customize to reflect their brand and implement in less than 10 minutes.

Increase revenue
As the "aggregator" you determine the revenue model. Bundle the service as a value added service to web hosting or email, serve banner advertising, or charge nominal usage or monthly fees. You have complete control of revenue opportunities.

Differentiate your offering
In a crowded market, companies are forced to differentiate themselves with value-added services, superior customer service and an apparent, clear understanding of the target's challenges. Providing enterprise-class solutions to SMEs fundamentally changes the way they work daily and clearly differentiates you from your competitors.

Speed to market
Due to the template nature of this product, you will be able set-up to offer all your customers complete functionality in less than five days. Once you are set-up, your SME customers can be up and running in minutes.

Build brand goodness and association with SMEs
With the Aggregator Solution, your company is offering all functionality. Your customers and their employees will never know that this is a third-party hosted solution.

Functionality and Customization
Functionality includes: individual and group calendaring, individual and shared contact management, photo albums, file sharing and storage, threaded discussion boards, workflow management tools, synchronization and wireless access.

The application is customized to include your logo, your header/footer and side bars, and overall color palette.